Plastic Surgery- Why I went to Brazil.

It was made clear to me on my way down the scale that redundant skin was going to be an issue post Weight Loss Surgery. I was in a Weight loss Surgery support group I was surrounded by people who were having the surgeries done and heard I think 6 different surgeons talk about reconstructive surgery after weight loss. The thing that came apparent very quickly was that I was not going to need just one procedure to take care of my damaged skin. I went to one consult at the Mayo clinic as I had seen the Dr lecture and thought he was good. He let me know right away that I would not be happy with just a tummy tuck. He felt a lower body lift would produce the best results. He filed a claim to have the tummy tuck approved through insurance and said to expect to paying I think it was 7k or 9kon top of what insurance cover to do the extension. I would have been traveling to the hospital and staying there for some of the recovery so that too would add to the cost for the Dr I wanted. I was always unhappy that it seemed to me that the Dr would prefer having a patents stay over night at the hospital but because of costs it was a same day surgery. I started researching Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery everywhere watched shows about it and read articles in magazines and on the Internet and was talking to a lot of people about it in my Weight Loss Surgery Support groups and was introduced to a gal that just got back from her second trip to Brazil. She had lost over 200 pound and needed both upper and lower reconstruction done.  I thought that was a interesting choice. I talked to her about her experience. She made it clear that it was not Cheap plastic surgery. It was done at a hospital just as it is done here but the US dollar went so much farther in Brazil then in the US it was an inexpensive option for someone that was going to need major work done. She had paid like 9k for her first round of surgery and 8k for her second and the same work in the US would have been broken up into at least 3 surgeries to the tune of apx 50k. She had lower body lift and thighs, lipo contouring, mons lift, breast lift and implants, bracioplasty and some work on her face ( I do not recall if it was a full face lift or not). She then said that her cost covered her surgeries and an up to 4 day stay in the hospital. She had only stayed 3 days with hers but that it was in the contract that she could have hospital care for 4. The other thing that really appealed to me was that she said that the after care the doctor had for his international patients included Lymphatic messages to promote the healing every day until they flew home. So I started researching what she said and found out that in the US that lymphatic massages are covered by insurance for cancer patients after reconstructive surgery because of how much it helps with healing. I started reading up about Brazil and found that they have a very different take on plastic surgery and it is way more socially accepted there. I will also state I am not afraid of travel. I was born abroad so I guess that idea of being in a foreign hospital (again) didn’t even make me blink. The gal I met used a Concierge to help her with all the things in Brazil. The Concierge was an interpreter, driver, schedule organizer and Gal Friday. So I did consulting all over the internet. I got a quote and thought about it and booked.