A little in awe still I hit my goal weight.

I cannot believe how busy life has been since the week school ended. I also cannot believe that I have not posted in so long. I have taken care for a small pack of puppies and we are enjoying a lot of time outside so I have been just writing down my food in my written journal and not on the computer. It have been the same foods I have eaten all year so it is not as you’ve missed anything.

Here is some news though. I did it. I hit my first goal. I am back to the weight I maintained for 2 years before my son was born. 164. Now that my not sound like a goal to you. Some people start their journey there but this is the goal the dr who did my underwater weighing gave me. I will be going to get retested to make sure my lean body mass is the same to see if this is still my correct goal.

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