Ok Admitting it is the first step…

How many times have we heard this. Or joked about it.

When I walked into the rooms of OA HOW I heard this and I didn’t really know what it meant. They read all 12 step every meeting. I did identify my self as a Complusive Overeater but to be perfectly honest with you I didn’t understand what it actually meant until I was there a while. I thought that it meant FAT. I was identifying myself as fat.

 Ok world and everyone in it I get it I am fat.. but we don’t want to be offensive so we will call it Compulsive Overeater… Ok I get it.

Um no. You can be fat and not a compulsive over eater. I call it situational fat. My hubby is that way. He got fat when I did when I was pregnant. Then he stayed that way until I decided to get recovery. Me getting healthier planted the seed in his head and BAM next thing you know. He is working out with a trainer and doing a fitness program. He is weighting and measuring his foods for accuracy. In what felt like 10 minutes he is back to the weight he was when we met,back when  he was doing triathlon every other weekend. Seriously. Yes he focused on the issue and with logic and math he got the result he wanted. He is not a Compulsive Overeater. He can have a box of Girl Scout cookies in the house and have 3 Thin mints.. that’s cookies not sleeves or boxes. He forgets they are even in the house for a couple of days sometimes a week. At the first meeting I ever went to a wonderful speaker was sharing that if you want to know if you are one of us there is a very simple test. She told us just go to your favorite grocery or specialty food shop (Bakery ect) buy 7 servings of your favorite item. For me I want something baked. Cookies Brownies Cupcakes what ever! Let’s say we are going cupcake. Buy 7. Then put them on your Dining Room table and have 1. Eat just one a day for the seven-days. If you can do that and they don’t call to you now know you are not a Compulsive Over Eater. I was being very honest with myself that day. I knew I would have to by 10. I would need one for eat on the way home. and the other 2 to eat before I put the 7 cup cakes on the table. Because if the 7 were not on the table yet…. In my mind they would totally not count… I wish that was a joke but it is the God’s honest truth.  That’s how I knew I was a compulsive over eater. I have an allergy (self-created by over use) that causes a craving that is not found in normal eaters ever. I also have a obession of the mind that once the thought of food comes in I must have it.

I am a Complusive Overeater

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