11 years later…

Today I am celebrating 11 years post op . Wow does time fly. I started with a weight of 306 on the day for surgery and my all time low was 154 only because I was smoking cigarettes and working 16 hour days. I leveled out at 164 for almost 2 years and then got pregnant. I think the stress of just being married and having a baby really did a number on me. I went back into emotional eating and most likely would have been classified with the Eating Disorder very common for post weight loss surgery patients Grazing. Eating high cal junk all day so that my tolerance for the sugar was pretty high. Although I was still getting sick from dumping I could not stop eating sweets. After the birth of my son my weight was on a roller coaster. I…n 2005 I did 2 triathlons and was around 185. Then I went to Brazil and had a lot of my plastics done. I was up to 206 when I got back. I had been struggling with my weight in big swings ever since. Down 22 pounds with a program at my gym up 28… down 20 with weight watchers up 25… down 18 with herbal life up 24… then I went back on Weight Watchers… quit after a total of 3 pounds lost in 2 months. I thought maybe the only thing that will work is that expensive program at my gym… 12 weeks $500.. I lost 4 pounds total. I was devastated. Nothing worked anymore. So I went to OA HOW In the march of 2010. At my top I was 235. I didn’t quite understand how the program worked so I was working it like a diet and did do so great. I Left and then returned in Jan of 2011. I final surrendered to the program July 6th 2011.

I want to just make sure that I am not misunderstood about how I feel about Weight Loss Surgery. I am super grateful that I had my surgery. It has changed my life in so many way. I have friendships from the weight loss surgery support groups that are so very precious to me. I have completed 4 triathlons. I married the man of my dreams. I have a healthy son. I live a very charmed life. I get that the real issue I have with surgery is that I expected it to get me to goal my goal weight and keep me there. I did not have co-morbidity’s…yet. I was told by my surgeon that with my determination and drive, I would be 125 pounds in a year. I remember that conversation vividly. I was so excited. 6 months after I had my surgery I was on an airplane, I was reading the book a Dr’s Guide to Weight loss Surgery, …In 2nd chapter of the book it said

The goal of weight loss surgery is NOT to get you to your goal weight the goal of weight lss surgery is to get you out of a weight that comes with more health risks.

I was so angry. I was on a trip with weight loss surgery friends and I was just shocked. I think that is where I first also read that if you are maintaining a loss of 50% of your excess weight after 5 years you are a success. I called my surgeons office this morning to ask this question What is Excess Weight Loss? Where does the number for Excess start and they told me that is it the top number that gets you to the top of your normal BMI. The reason I asked was when I went in for my 10 year post op appointment they declared me a Weight loss Surgery Success. I asked the gal what I weighed at that appointment. 213. If at my highest weight I been told ok at the end of the day anything less then 230 that you weigh will be frosting on the cake that would have been one thing but I really wanted/still want better for me then that. I do take responsibility for my part in it being that I did not research the long term part of this surgery. I did not manage my expectations. However, when I was getting it done there were no weight loss requirements, no pre-op hoops for me to jump. I just had to wait my turn on the list. I get it is not like that today and it wasn’t like that I think a year after I had it done.

 I just think that too often metaphorically we are sold the car with only the monthly payment in mind and not the total cost.

One thought on “11 years later…

  1. I think what you’re saying here is important because a lot of people go into weight loss surgery thinking it will cure them. I wish it was true but the reality is that we still have to work at it and we are still susceptible to falling backwards. It is a tool as they say but it doesn’t work on its own. You are living proof that if we fight for it we can get there!!

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